How long are you willing to wait for a Eiramor puppy?

Sex of puppy

Do you already have a dog at home at this present stage?

Have you owned a LARGE or 'Shepherd' breed before ?

Limited Register (Not for showing or breeding) - Are you happy to desex your puppy at an appropriate age (as agreed with your breeder) ?

Do you have a dog proof fenced yard? For your puppy to go outside and play?

Where will your puppy spend 90% of its time?

While puppy is outside will puppy be tethered or able to roam free in a backyard?

Do you have children?

All of our puppies will be sold with a legal and binding contract, are you prepared to sign one?

In your opinion is there a difference between the White Swiss Shepherd and a White German Shepherd ?

How did you learn about Eiramor White Swiss Shepherds?

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